Happy birthday launch by D-E-A-L (BE) from 01.05—15.05.2020

CLOUDY CURVED & CO by Waterproof exhibition (BKK) from 24.05—25.08.2020

Once we got a rainy balcony on the 7th floor. Can we put artworks there? Against mold and damp, wet and cold. Cloud and rain, planes and lines. Followed by unrealizable ideas. To protect them from the weather. To make changes go away.  Discarded symbols, polished words. Inclined Curves. Curls decline. To flee or to move closer, not certain.

But under (or above) them all, our greetings from another latitude.

It's not you,
Bad doors are everywhere

Our world is full of doors, whether palpable, beautiful, subconscious, narrow, or magical, we use them daily. There is a wide variety of them: some are attractive and invite us in, some are misconceived like the “Norman doors”*, some are secret or forbidden for access. They can both be a shield to hide behind or an obstacle to step over, a border to cross or a gap into two worlds. Whatever lies behind them, these doors represent a promise and attract interest, a potential access to something new, as they offer the promise of change.

For a number of reasons, some have been left closed, some have hardly been opened, or some have not been detected. These “dormant” portals are analogies that point out the considerable amount of any artist’s or designer’s production that’s left behind: maquettes, drafts, fragments, unreleased statements, rejected commissions or simply samples of ideas... They are options to revisit later or sometimes even never. With “BAD DOORS”, we invite you to explore them by seizing them from the research process and presenting them publicly in a new light.

We will convert a decrepit commercial billboard into an exhibition space for visual arts and design by making a series of temporary installations, every 3 months, starting the 1st of May 2020. Each installation is an invitation for the participants to show a 2D printed production that displays the result of an opening “Door” of their choice. Each participation is prompted with a public event and will feature on the website with additional content produced for this occasion.

* in “The Design of Everyday Things” Don Norman, 1988


We are D-E-A-L an independent design studio based in Brussels since 2016. In February 2019, our studio relocated in front of the old stock exchange, occupying the 5th floor alongside 80 artists, architects, designers and creatives in an artistic ecology called “LEVEL 5”. As a group with a collaborative practice, the core of our work consists in sharing, confronting and expressing our views. The invitation is thus an extension of our ongoing studio practice by connecting with others and opening an artistic discussion on common interests.